Kitchen Renovations  

Custom kitchen by Thistle Construction Victoria BC
Condo kitchen after Thistle Construction has renovated it in Victoria BC

Are you stumbling over each other, even yourself trying to prepare a meal? When you open the cupboards does everything fall out on top of you? If you have guests, can you interact with them as you prepare those fancy appetizers? If you’re a real cook then the kitchen may have many special “ingredients” which will help you enjoy your time there as you prepare those special meals for your loved one, your family.

The more you consider these items in the design the better the build. Items like electrical and plumbing placement will come into play and having a great layout ahead of time will save on challenges with the build later. An experienced builder like the team at Thistle can advise you ahead of time how these behind the walls could be best worked into your design saving you time and money later. This is very important in a renovation or remodeling process.

Key things your designer and builder needs to work with you on are:

  • workflow: Can you move easily between the refrigerator, stove, and kitchen sink. What about access to the dishwasher, recycling, and disposal.
  • Style and esthetics: You are going to spend a large portion of your time in your kitchen. Whether it’s a new build or kitchen remodel make sure it’s a space that you want to spend time in. In your design consider the type of cooking you do? Are you a chef? Someone that cooks large family meals? Will you be entertaining a fair amount in your kitchen.
  • Cabinets and appliances: Although these are items that you order you need to think about their style, size, and use in the design of your kitchen. Would a deep farm-style sink be right for you or do you like a double sink? Consider your pots, pans, and dishes. Cabinet size and placement will have a large effect on how user-friendly your kitchen is to work in.
  • Lighting: lighting is one of those key items often looked at last but it’s a key factor. You’ll need work or task lighting. Perhaps lights suitable for reading your morning paper or news on your tablet. What about natural light? This will involve the placement and size of your windows and skylights.