Open Concept  

Open concept for a custom home by Thistle Construction Victoria BC
Open Concept Condo renovation by Thistle Construction of Victoria BC

There are mixed reviews on the popularity of the open concept home.

Some people prefer spaces to be separate, to offer more privacy against noise and clutter intrusion.

 Others like the idea or the feeling of space they can get from an open concept design. This can be great if you like entertaining for example. You can be in any of the main areas and still have eye contact and verbal connection with your friends.

 If you are doing a renovation from a traditional home and would like to consider changing to an open concept then you’ll have to consider all the factors involved in making that change.

Taking down one or more walls will often require the rerouting of electrical, plumbing, and heating. Sometimes all 3. In some cases removing a wall will also impede the structure of a home. To correct this an engineering plan will be required and appropriate new supports such as beams and occasionally pillars may be required.

 As you can see, an open concept kitchen and living room can be very striking and the perfect place to entertain family and friends!