Custom Home  Builder

Custom Home built by Thistle Construction in Victoria BC
What is a custom home and how are they different? A custom home build has been designed and built to your specifications.

You the customer or client has provided your input, your wants, and needs into all the special places inside and outside your home.

What about the building site? Is it unique? Does it have a shape that’s not square or rectangular? Is it on a rocky landscape or the side of a hill or mountain? Does it offer landscaping potential such that you want the home to blend into or pair with the landscape?When you buy a new or existing home that’s been built to fit the masses, you may be able to renovate the home over time but there’s nothing like starting at the beginning and being the master of your creation.


Dream Home by custom home builders Thistle Construction Victoria BC
A custom home is one that has been designed to your specifications. One that will achieve the long-term goals you have. One that functions as you function. Thistle Construction matches our experience, our old-world customer service, together with you and your architects and designer, will help you create a retreat that fits who you are and not anyone else. Your design and build should also take into account your carbon footprint. We can help guide you through what you have to do and what you may want to do over and above.

We understand Custom Home building.

Custom Kitchen built with customers input by Thistle Construction
  Custom Kitchens
If you’re a real cook then the kitchen may have many special “ingredients” which will help you enjoy your time there as you prepare those special meals for your loved one, your family.

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Bathroom built by Thistle Construction Victoria BC
  Custom Bathrooms 
Your bathroom may be (or should be) a place of relaxation and retreat for you. Aside from the “required” amenities, you may want to have more of a spa feel.

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Custom bedroom by Thistle Construction Victoria BC
  Custom Bedrooms 
Bedrooms, are they just a place for someone to sleep, or should have they multiple functions such as office space, reading nooks, exercise space? Should one room have the ability to be the perfect workspace for your home office?

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Custom Closets are an important part of a custom home
  Custom Closets 
Believe it or not, closets can play a huge role in your design. Do you have a large number of clothes, shoes? Do you want the opportunity to see and organize your special clothing items so that it’s easier to get ready for that incredible night out?

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  Custom Garage or Workshop 
Let’s not forget your hobbies. Do you want a garage space designed for working on those special cars, repairing your “toys” or just storing all your awesome outdoor gear?  What about a workshop that gives you the ability to build or to plan for that special garden centre.

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Custom work goes into a garage by Thistle Construction Victoria BC


Garages are an important part of a custom home design and build
Custom work goes into a garage by Thistle Construction Victoria BC