Garage & Workshop

Custom Garage by Thistle Construction Victoria, BC

Taking care and keeping safe our second largest purchase (a vehicle) is important. So is having a space to work on all those projects you’re looking forward to getting to. Let’s not forget your hobbies. Do you want a garage space designed for working on those special cars, repairing your “toys” or just storing all your awesome outdoor gear?  What about a custom epoxy floor both for looks and durability. Our partner West Coast Waterproofing can make that dream come true! What about a workshop that gives you the ability to build or to plan for that special garden. If you have or are building a separate garage building then you may want to consider adding a suite and turning it into a Carriage house. A great way to help out family or turn earn extra cash flow from the land you already own.

Custom Epoxy Garage floor by West Coast Waterproofing
Custom Garage or workshop by Thistle Construction is perfect for your tools