The Difference  

Donnie of Thistle Construction a great working with a client in Victoria BC
Thistle Construction takes the time to do it right, Victoria BC
Donnie of Thistle Construction listening to their clients in Victoria BC


We believe regular communications are key to any project we manage. We update our clients as much as possible keeping you up to speed with your project. We feel that it’s very important to keep you, our client involved and connected to your project, and as required we will alert you of upcoming purchases that we will be making so that the job stays on schedule. Occasionally project supplies may be delayed. If this happens we’ll communicate with you to discuss ways we can work on other parts of the project so as to avoid an overall delay. This is part of our belief in great customer service.

We enjoy meeting the whole family especially for builds or renovations that will affect others in the household. The better the connection we have to you our client and your family the more comfortable you will feel during the process. We still have friendly relationships with clients we worked for years ago.

After the job is completed it’s great to hear from our clients. How are you enjoying your new house, the renovation? Is very important to us that you are happy.

Helpful Contacts:

If clients need help and advice with financing, we have professionals we can suggest and recommend.

We also have great working relationships with designers and engineers if the project requires that level of expertise. We even have some incredible long-term relationships with the several sub-trades that we bring in on projects. We find that if we treat our trades fairly, our clients will get the best result in the finished product…not to mention, it’s the right way to do things.