Home Addition

Home addition by Thistle Construction Victoria BC
Kitchen Addition by Thistle Construction Victoria BC

Adding a renovation to your home is a great way to add extra space, style, function, and value.

Planning is the key when considering building and adding a home addition.

  • Why add – what are your family’s housing needs?
  • Do you have the space on your lot?
  • Should you go out or up?
  • Do you need to match the exterior look of your house?
  • Do you want to add a new style that will add to the look of your house?
  • What are the considerations for plumbing, electrical, heating?
  • Will the new addition require upgrades to other parts of your house to match?
  • Financing – can you afford it and what will the expected increase in equity be?

An addition is different from a renovation in that you are adding more square footage to your home and that requires more planning especially when it comes to the services and exterior appearance. This is where a great General Contractor like Thistle Construction can make a huge difference. We understand all of the issues and costs involved and will help guide you through the process.

Good reasons for building an addition might be to add an extra bedroom or two. Perhaps you want to switch from a galley kitchen to one that the whole family can work together in. Need an extra bathroom? There’s a great way to get rid of the morning line-up. Perhaps you have a hobby or need to add a home office. Many people work remotely and find it more productive to get away from the kitchen table and move to a dedicated home office space.

In some cases, it’s just about space in general. You want to be able to entertain your friends and family. Perhaps you want to move the entertaining from inside to the outside so a new large deck or patio would be perfect.

Additions are a great way to update your style by bringing in new and updated fixtures and finishes.

Just remember the goal of a well-planned and well-built addition is to have it blend or even be invisible as an addition when it comes to the whole house. Remember those old added-on sunrooms, extra dens, or living rooms that you had to step up into or down from. A properly constructed addition should work with the flow of your house and that may require some changes to the existing house. A well-built addition will add value to your home for your comfort and equity.

Whatever your reason for looking at an addition we are here to help. And remember, our process will keep your costs just where they should be and within your budget.