Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom built by Thistle Construction Victoria BC
condominium bathroom after Thistle Construction has completed a renovation

Are you tired of sharing a sink? Are you tired of sharing a bathroom and need a second one? Is the 1970s color scheme making you feel uneasy? Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and perhaps a retreat for you. Aside from the “required” amenities, you may want to have more of a spa feel. A soaker tub, a cast iron clawfoot perhaps? Maybe a double sink, and steam shower. And what about linen storage? Do you have to run halfway across the house to get a towel? Let’s fix that for you.

Similar to kitchen design you want to work through all your wants and needs in the first stage and then looking at the budget, electrical, and plumbing requirements, the team at Thistle Construction can offer their expertise to maximize the budget while providing you with an outcome that you are going to be thrilled with.