The Process

Donnie from Thistle Construction works with his clients

The first thing you’ll notice when working with Thistle Construction is our friendly, family-oriented way of doing business. We have families of our own and we bring the lessons we were taught in the old country (Scotland) to our interactions with Thistle Construction clients.  We treat you as we would like, we would expect to be treated.

The first step is our meeting. We want to make sure we get to know more about you, your wants and needs, and let you get to know us, our process our style, and how 50 years plus experience in building will matter to you and your project.

We’ll arrange a tour of the land, the property or if it’s a renovation the house, condo or apartment.

We have a non-standard way of billing. We DO NOT work on cost-plus.

Many home builders and renovators out there operate on a “cost plus” basis. The cost-plus method essentially is a system where whatever you the client decide to spend on the various aspects of the project, the builder will take those costs and add on a percentage.

For example: if you the homeowner decide during the project to upgrade the new kitchen, bathroom, or deck over the original design, those builders will get an additional percentage of the upgrades even though the work to install it may be the same. We feel those builders haven’t earned those extra fees so why should they charge for them?

  Affordable Pricing 

We will charge you an agreed-to fixed price per sq ft right from day one!

This then means that you the homeowner know exactly what our bill is going to be.

Our system is simple and fair. Together, working with you we will agree on a fixed price based on the work required and that’s what we will charge you in the end. No surprises, no budget breakers.

This makes sense to us. We were taught that honesty and integrity are a big part of who you are and we live by those words. Just ask our customers…

We try and save our clients money wherever we can. We do this by not only offering a fair pricing structure but we will also offer educated ideas from our 50 years of combined building and renovation experience. When we all agree on some great ideas we then move on to presenting a  detailed quote on the project costs.